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My Interview Today & Question 4 Forum

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My Interview Today & Question 4 Forum

Post by Angelika on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:12 pm

Happy Valentine's Day DAWU Friends! Hope lots of hugs & kisses are being shared today -- mouth closed if yer sick -- 'coz the best part is that they're free and priceless!

So I think my interview went really well today. I don't know if everyone saw my re-entry into UF the day before shut down but this job was advertised at 10 bux an hour at a law firm. I replied without my resume' 'coz its been since the 80's since I was a practicing paralegal. Said that in my email. Managing partner got back to me & scheduled a lunch interview for today. Near about flipped over that. Haven't seen interviews like that since the 80's let alone for a 10 buck an hour job.

Nevertheless, lunch was great & I just got back home. Here's the deal (corse there had to be one) -- the job would start around the 1st of March and only last 3 to 4 weeks. Ugh. Didn't say that in the description. However, there is great possibility it could grow into something more. We'll see. I'll work to shine as much as possible. I've gotten several jobs like that in my life so the glass is half full. She has only 1 other candidate to be seen today -- without special treatment Laughing she said -- and calling me tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I'll take anything!

Question to the forum if you could please:

If I take on this temp work and it's really only going to be temp work say for a month or 6 weeks and UI comes back, either during or after this work, is my original claim still in effect? Don't I need a 6 month employment history to negate that original claim?

Others here that have worked temp or part-time jobs, are there any lessons learned? I remember reading some horror stories on our dearly departed UF forum but details escape me.

Trust me, I'd rather have a job than being on this UI roller coaster but if this one is only going to be temp, I'd like to know that UI is in the wings for me.

'Corse that's up to congress as we know.

Any insight appreciated. Thanks all!
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Re: My Interview Today & Question 4 Forum

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:20 pm

They changed the rules to allow people to take temp work but you can't make too much, I think its less than 400 bucks a week. Each state is different but in NY that is how it works. If you work enough weeks in a row, (not sure how many) then you just file a new claim. I took temp work as I went along and the money just stayed in my account. I never got more than 3 days in one week so I never made over 400. I hope this helps and you can always call your local one stop center for unemployment rules.

Another thing working temp jobs keeps your resume fresh.


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Re: My Interview Today & Question 4 Forum

Post by TR11005 on Mon Feb 14, 2011 4:35 pm

In Ohio if you work 8 hours in a week that week will count toward a qualifying week, You can still be paid a partial payment. If you do this for 20 weeks in calendar year, you will qualify for a new, The extension rule of being too little could save you.

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Re: My Interview Today & Question 4 Forum

Post by Phillymg on Tue Feb 15, 2011 4:27 am

Anglelika--Good luck with the job prospect!!

Sorry don't know answer to your Q for CT but maybe someone from CT will see your post & answer.

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Re: My Interview Today & Question 4 Forum

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