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BLS changes in measure of unemployed by duration of unemployment

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BLS changes in measure of unemployed by duration of unemployment

Post by ClarenceF1 on Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:22 pm

The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Table A-12. shows “Unemployed persons by duration of unemployment
and is right here (updated Feb 4):


It has 1 footnote at the bottom of the table which reads:

“(1) Beginning in January 2011, this series reflects a change to the collection of data on
unemployment duration”

and refers to the following page where it explains that as of Jan 1, 2011:

“Estimates of average (mean) duration of unemployment for January 2011 produced using the 5-year upper limit were higher than those using the 2-year upper limit. (See tables below.)”

“Changes to data collected on unemployment duration”

Here is one of the tables that shows the difference between the 2 and 5 year upper limit.

“Average (mean) duration of unemployment in weeks, seasonally adjusted, January 2011 - A
comparison of new (5-year) and previous (2-year) topcodes.”

I don’t understand why, but the change in the question re duration is being phased into the
survey questions over 3 months so actual result will not be available until April.

For Jan the number of unemployed weeks increased from 34.2 (2 yr topcode) to 35.5 (5 yr topcode).

I'm not sure I’m understand all this correctly but it will be interesting to see what the increase in duration will be in April.

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