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Obama's focus should be on jobs, not deficit

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Obama's focus should be on jobs, not deficit

Post by Sunrise on Thu Apr 14, 2011 12:22 am

Obama's focus should be on jobs, not deficit

Millions of Americans are still suffering from the Great Recession. People across the country are struggling to find jobs and families nationwide have had banks foreclose on their homes. It is against this backdrop that President Obama gave his speech on the budget.

While he did make the point that the wealthy can afford to pay more taxes, the speech confirms the administration's agenda of deficit reductions. But with an 8.8% unemployment rate, a budget agenda that stresses jobs is what the nation needs.
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Re: Obama's focus should be on jobs, not deficit

Post by Corinne on Thu Apr 14, 2011 1:00 am

We have needed JOBS since this all began..We didn't ask to loose our jobs..The government and Wall street did this to each and every one of us..We've payed the altimate price of poverty and this should of NEVER happened..Most of us have not had benefits for over a yr. what part of this do they NOT understand, beisides throwing us under the bus every time a new bill for us comes into play.. Tax the rich and this nation will fall back into place until then things arent going to get better. (Just my opinion)..
Obama talks the talk & walks the walk -- and here we struggle (FOR WHAT).......
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