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Oh, so sad people have to see homeless...

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Oh, so sad people have to see homeless...

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:45 am

Sorry, this makes me mad. People don't want to see the homeless. I guess it's a bummer. Isn't it a bigger bummer to be homeless?


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Re: Oh, so sad people have to see homeless...

Post by Angelika on Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:50 am

This story absolutely hurts my heart. Sad

These middle class Americans who knew zilch about homelessness, took their last money and bought tents to live in; live somewhere safe. All the tents I saw were new.

This makes me think that if they are down to nothing, most probably don't have cars to move or drive around looking for a new safe camp -- if there are any. What are they supposed to do? Land is empty and available. If this crisis is going to blow over, then set up MANY safe camps for 18 months -- or some length of time. Who are they hurting? Don't just take one away without providing an alternative. Buses included dammit!!

Oh, the neighbors are complaining? They need to be educated on the seriousness this country is in. It's a depression. Modern day version of the last one.

You would think our EF'd up government would at least find the grace in their cold hearts to continue to set up safe camps across the country for our hard working, unfortunately displaced Americans. These are not druggies and crazies. These people are America's families. I was almost there myself! In New England snow. Every shelter is overflowing.

But then again look at how government shuts its eyes to American Indians, war veterans and illegal aliens. And now fewer government jobs that could tend to those camps if Obama plans to create millions of jobs.

Shovel Ready Employment ~ Wanted: 100's of Federal Workers: Groundskeepers, Food Wagons, Port-a-Potties. We can spend billions on Haiti and other international disasters. Model the USofA as if a national Katrina hit. Here are jobs they CAN create directly instead of passing the buck to straped & barely making it employers.

I'm ashamed to be an American every time the truth gets that much closer to who they really are. Spin doctors at our expense.
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