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Florida survival stories

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Florida survival stories

Post by ET on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:01 pm

Please share if you have any.

The depression is here. And is now. In Florida. I don't know about the rest of you. But the job situation is NOT improving. The UE rate might show a downturn, but it is a lie. The numbers are invisible of the underemployed and the jobless. The ones who are no longer collecting UE, are not considered in these UE numbers by the BLS. Please always keep this in mind, when reading the monthly stats.

All I see is, houses for rent signs, houses for sale signs, bank owned houses, bldgs, land. Half built hospitals, stopped. Empty storefronts, empty car lots, vacant this, vacant that.

Please if there is any good news to share about living in Florida. I would love to hear about it.

Job boards: minimum wage jobs and part time and far away. Is this a "plan" by the slowly kill us off? Genocide? Maybe a new name for it, if it is being done on a state wide plan?

Healthcare: since I don't have health insurance, and got my reclast a couple of weeks ago...I am getting bills for this treatment. I clearly stated months ago, with the billing department..what I would have to pay for this treatment out of pocket. Got the numbers down in writing..and all this for naught. Still had to pay additional costs for blood work, etc. Anyway, this goes on and on. And this is just a small example of what it is like to get health care w/o health insurance. What am I trying to say? That doctors are NOT out to take care of their patients..that doctors are out for the almighty dollar, no matter what the cost. They are as greedy as the health insurance companies that rip off America and then the doctor rips off the patient and the insurance companies. Who has to pay for their robbery of our lives? The American people.
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Re: Florida survival stories

Post by gigichicago on Sat Jun 18, 2011 1:18 pm


I am not living in Florida but I think every state is going through the same problems in this depression. The ones who are profitting are the people in Washington. They could care less about the American people. Also, the people who are working now have no no idea or could care less of what is going on in our country. It's sad, we the unemployed are the ones who know the truth about this depression and suffering.

You are absolutely right about the doctors, they are here to make money and could care less about their patients. The problem you listed about the doctors have been going on for many years. To me they are nothing but thieves. They also receive money from drug companies who want them to push their products to their patients. Doctors do not care about the patients except which insurance company will pay their bill. The bill is usually very high so the insurance companies are paying them without questions.

I wish I can help you feel better but this is a new America we have to live in now. It's very, very sad.

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Re: Florida survival stories

Post by KeeptheFaith on Sat Jun 18, 2011 3:53 pm

This is all so very sad that we are becoming just a number not only in the workplace but in the doctors office too. It is no longer about what we can do for you but is now what you can do for them. I am sick and tired of (some not all) working people thumbing their noses down at the unemployed. They could care less about us. I have a friend who was laid off the same time I was and now she is working and she cannot understand why I can't find a job. Are you Serious. You were just in my shoes and feeling the way I do but the moment that she became employed it is now bash the unemployed.
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Re: Florida survival stories

Post by aloneinpa on Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:43 am

Sadly, this scenario is repeating across the nation.....and still, no solutions coming from the federal or state levels.
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Re: Florida survival stories

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