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Democrats fight back!

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Democrats fight back!

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2011 11:31 am

Priorities USA, a super pac is releasing TV ads in five swing states attacking Republicans plans to overhaul Medicare. The move is to counteract GOP ads in 10 attacking President Obama's handling of the economy.
These are the same battle lines that are drawn so often in this forum. Do we allow Republicans to tear down our social safety nets that we need so desperately in this bad economy or do we vote for President Obama?


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Re: Democrats fight back!

Post by knarf on Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:12 pm

And it looks as if our President is back in the game also!

The primary goal of President Obama’s presser, which just wrapped up, was obvious: He was clearly out to pick a major public fight with Republicans over tax cuts for the rich. Obama mounted a surprisingly aggressive moral case for ending high end tax cuts, casting it as a test of our society’s priorities, and argued — crucially — that anyone who fails to support ending them is fundamentally unserious about the deficit.

The front pages of both the New York Times and Washington Post focused on exactly that issue. "Obama: Republican Leaders Must Bend on Taxes" reads the New York Times headline. "Obama urges GOP to agree to tax increases; President says Republicans hold indefensible position in debt talks" says the Washington Post. "OBAMA TO GOP: END TAX BREAKS FOR MILLIONAIRES, OIL COMPANIES" blares The Huffington Post. And "Obama Demands House GOP Act On Jobs, Taxes" says TPM. (I haven't checked Fox's headline yet.)

As Chris Ciliza pointed out, President Obama was unusually confrontational in his tone, calling out Republicans for talking about taking a vacation before getting their job done on the debt ceiling. President Obama flatly stated that there is absolutely no way to a get a balanced agreement without movement from Republicans on revenues. He's absolutely right. In the end, it's just a question of math. If you don't ask the wealthy to pay their share, the money is going to come from children and the elderly.

And that's not morally defensible.

EDIT: Had to add this comment from NM Ray.
Right on the money!

Republicans Oppose the U.S.Government (6+ / 0-)

Grover Norquist wants to drown it in a bathtub. The Koch Brothers and all of their co-Conspirators are working to bankrupt it.

Who are the terrorists we should fear?

When will the Mainstream Media cover the actual news? Today's Republican Party wants to Repeal the entire United States Government while waving the flag with the stars and stripes. The Republican Party does not like Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, OSHA, EPA, the Minimum Wage, the US Postal Service, or any federal regulation of the banking industry. Hell, the Republicans don't even want to inspect the meat, cheese and milk that we consume. They don't want to approve baby foord!

I want to know what it is exactly that any Republican candidate likes about the United States Government. Come on! Be Honest! Step Forward and let's hear from some Republican.

The Republican Senate agreed to march in lock step to oppose everything that President Obama proposed so that they could run in the 2012 election on the platform that they had made his administration fail. You heard it it in the New Hampshire Debate. They bragged that they made Obama Fail! The country voted in 2010 and elected a Republican Majority in the United States House of Representatives and the House has not presented ONE Bill to the Senate with a plan that would provide jobs and employment to the American People.

What is the difference between America and the United States? Let's hear somebody ask the question and let's hear some Republican Politician answer the Question!

If you want to see what Government Programs can do, look at what used to be called the "American Dream". The United States Government took a bunch of kids from the Depression of the 1930's and after a destructive war called World War II, a Republican President, Eisenhower, working with a Democratic Congress, began a series of public works programs leaving our nation with an Interstate Highway system, with bridges and dams across this nation. A Supreme Court integrated our nation's schools and restaurants and public facilities. The GI Bill initially offered free public education and our state universities provided low-cost, affordable education to all. Workers in union plants and factories could plan on retiring with previously unbelievable wealth after a 25 - 30 years of working and buying into their company's pension plans.

Thirty years of trickle-down economics have destroyed that structure. Our bridges, dams and highway are collapsing. Our children who complete their education are emerging with student loans that have effectively restored a 21st Feudal system with workers struggling to pay off their debts with little or no hope of retiring hat debt before they begin to face the prospect of facing the cost of educating their children.

Government can work, but only when people who believe in the possible benefits of government are elected. When working people believe the lies of Republican politicians and vote against their own economic interests and vote to transfer more of this nation's wealth to the people who have more than they have earned, then Americans lose hope.

This is where our nation is now. Our people have voted against their interests for too long.

by NM Ray on Wed Jun 29, 2011 at 11:00:02 AM PDT

Last edited by knarf on Wed Jun 29, 2011 2:41 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : Additional material added)

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Re: Democrats fight back!

Post by Sad American on Wed Jun 29, 2011 8:17 pm

Wow, knarf! Right on the money...
Sad American
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Re: Democrats fight back!

Post by aloneinpa on Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:38 pm

Absolutely correct, thanks knarf for the addition.
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Re: Democrats fight back!

Post by concernedinKY on Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:42 pm

I hope they stand strong. I hate to see where this country ends up if they don't.


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Re: Democrats fight back!

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