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Boehner Says Broad Debt Deal Unlikely

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Boehner Says Broad Debt Deal Unlikely

Post by gigichicago on Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:51 am

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A broad $4 trillion deal on U.S. deficit reduction appeared out of reach on Saturday as Republican leader John Boehner cited a rift with the White House on taxes and proposed pursuing a more modest package.

"Despite good-faith efforts to find common ground, the White House will not pursue a bigger debt-reduction agreement without tax hikes," Boehner, the speaker of the House of Representatives and the top Republican in Congress, said in a statement.

"I believe the best approach may be to focus on producing a smaller measure."

Boehner and President Barack Obama, who hoped to bolster his bid for re-election in 2012 with the achievement of a historic deficit-reduction package, spoke about the negotiations by phone on Saturday."


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Re: Boehner Says Broad Debt Deal Unlikely

Post by elvis44102 on Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:00 pm

What more can you say about Republicans....???
They will not Raise taxes on the wealthy, or close loopholes that allow them to claim their yaht as a "second house"....

Taxes go to pay for the upkeep on the crumbling infrastructure that helps make that wealth possible...There are sooooo many reasons for the rich to pay "just a little more" that I just don't want to ramble on...

1) How about paraphrasing something out of one supposedly cherished Books..
To whom Much is given, Much is expected...yes in my interpretation of the biblical repose,,,,Those that are shall I say more capable of helping have a responsibility to help out MORE...

2)There are certain things that being a "good citizen" imply, and if the RICH are unwilling to do so, why don't THEY just leave and go to some taxless third world country and live there..
The rich as a class have done more to export jobs to those third world countries, why don't they go live there, they have contributed disproprotionatly to the downfall of the middleclass...

They should build fenced in heavily stocked sanctuaries in the wild somewhere...
One more thing don't run to the US embasy when the food runs out and your "hired: guns eventually turn on you...

The previous political RANT was provided by the Poster and in no way reflects the position of this website....Ha! (Plausable denial has been provided)
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Re: Boehner Says Broad Debt Deal Unlikely

Post by Phillymg on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:02 am

Repubs were in&out of the WH in 75 mins flat tonite. Without a deal. Wonder what took the GOP so long.....maybe they spent 1 min yelling 'no deal' & then spent the other 74 minutes at the free drink cart.
= 1 min = 74 mins

China's getting tired of the US's failure to up the Debt Limit & will raise their interest rates & then Wall Street is gonna get really ticked off. Mad

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Re: Boehner Says Broad Debt Deal Unlikely

Post by PHoganDive on Mon Jul 11, 2011 7:00 am

Just a thought....

The republicans refuse to budge, therefore there can be no 'negotiations'...and since the default will result in major damage to the economy, and therefore to the nation in general, I think it is entirely within the realm of possibility to charge all the republicans with being terrorists. Others have been so charged for making much less severe threats.

As I said, just a thought....

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Re: Boehner Says Broad Debt Deal Unlikely

Post by Sponsored content

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