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Plummeting wages = difficult questions : - ( - Page 2 Cspan2_live_play
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Plummeting wages = difficult questions : - (

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Plummeting wages = difficult questions : - ( - Page 2 Empty Re: Plummeting wages = difficult questions : - (

Post by worrywart on Mon May 02, 2011 11:41 am

Hi All,

Just a quick update on this story. "Karen," who is a member of my church, told me before services today that she has been hired as an Executive Assistant for a non-profit association here in Chicagoland. The pay is lower than she received from past employment (in the private sector), but her insurance coverage is head-and-shoulders better than what she had in her last job, and Karen has those young kids you know !

So, our church had been praying for her in the past few weeks. And even though she starts work today, Karen yesterday asked us to continue to hold her in our prayers because she has already been hired for a position - only to have it not work out. As for Karen's husband, she has assured me that it had been her intention to be a homemaker, and her husband's intention to be the working-stiff. But life doesn't always turn out the way we plan . . .

Also, our church now finally has agreed to an odd-jobs corkboard in our main lobby area, onto which church members have begun posting help- wanted for leaf raking, dog walking, or whatever. In fact, we've got an unemployed lady and husband who have six young kids and they're just frantic for money now. Since we created the odd-job board, they've been snagging just about everything anyone posts up there. It is nice to think that the board may be doing someone some good !

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